Welcome to the “Cupcakes and Cardio” blog! Here you will find multimedia, photography, and written journalism coverage integrated in various ways, to help you create the baked goods you love, and the body you want.

I’m Shelby, a senior at Francis Howell High School, web editor for Francis Howell Publications, and die-hard cupcake lover. I started baking in elementary school, when I took my Great Aunt’s cookie recipe to the State 4H competition. Ever sense, I’ve had a sweet spot for the kitchen. Creating sweet abs, on the other hand, isn’t quite as easy when you’re a baker….which is where the “cardio” part comes in 😉


As an honors credit project for my Publications curriculum, I will be frequently updating this blog with my favorite recipes, and video demonstrations of simple cardio workouts to help cancel out those carbs. For more info on Francis Howell Publications, visit http://www.fhhstoday.com.


Happy Baking!


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